About Us

To transform the experience of experience itself
CAERE is a single source company that provides customers with complete solutions to meet requirements for Integrated Facilities Services PAN India. It specializes in “Transforming Spaces to Ease Lives and Enhance performance” through its three verticals; Integrated Facility Management, Indoor Environment Solutions and Home CAERE division. Over the last 15 years, CAERE it has consistently delivered customized and comprehensive services at par with best globally, creating some of the most long lasting relationships across the country. Headquartered in Hyderabad, it serves various Industries across 22 cities in India through its six branches located across India

One philosophy drives every single member at CAERE is, that, as a business we exist to improve environments that will ease lives and enhance performance. Whether it be retail, offices, residential, hotel rooms or any other environment our reason for being is not just to maintain or aesthetically modify work or living spaces, but to transform them into spaces that live, breathe and exude efficiency, productivity and performance..

While others call it Facility Management, we call it “Transforming Spaces”. Kindly contact us to explore the immense benefits;……